The way to enjoy fantasy football is to choose the right fantasy football league that matches your interest. This is the reason why some people join multiple leagues because they enjoy a different challenges that types of fantasy football leagues offer.The types of fantasy football leagues differ in rules and scoring system. A keeper’s league has different rules from dynasty league,Guest Posting IDP league, high performance league, and so on.Types of Fantasy Football Leagues: Different Scoring SystemsThe scoring system is an important factor to consider when playing fantasy football. The fantasy football rules are dependent on the scoring system your league is following.Scoring depends on the player, their positions and the value that the league has placed on these positions. For example, in one league, a kicker can get 20 points if he hits a 55 yard field goal; in this particular league, kickers are valuable. On another league, head coaches are given a plus 10-point differential based on their performance. In yet another league, a wide receiver is important because they value wide receivers while other fantasy football leagues do not give much value to such a position.So, it is important to choose the right type of fantasy football leagues that suits your preferences so you can enjoy the game better.Here are a few fantasy football scoring systems you should consider:Types of Fantasy Football Leagues # 1: Touchdown Only RuleThis is perhaps the oldest form of fantasy football how many acres is a football pitch scoring and the most simple. You get 6 points when your player gets a touchdown. Factors like yardage are not given importance. Generally, a QB gets 4 points for throwing a touchdown. This type of scoring system, in my opinion, plays on a bit of luck because no one can tell who scores the in from the 1st yard out. Also, in this fantasy football scoring system, yardage runners are better than down runners.Types of Fantasy Football Leagues # 2: High Performance RuleThis type of scoring is the most used in fantasy football leagues all over. A player gets 6 points when he gets a touchdown. They also get 1 point for each yard gained. So, you get a lot of points, especially for players that do 10 yards rushing or receiving. High Performance also rewards bonus points to player that reach yardage plateaus. This type of bonus is a common occurrence.Types of Fantasy Football Leagues # 3: Point for Reception RulesThis is similar to the High Performance Rule; the big difference is this type of fantasy football rule gives importance to wide receivers and tight ends. In this type of fantasy football league, the value of the WR and TE is at par with the QB and RB. So, NFL players like Wes Welker are fantasy football superstars as big as a QB.

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